Mc Deevie & De Kappiting

MC Deevie & de Kappiting - West-Flemish

We could say without any reservations that Mc Deevie & De Kappiting is West-Flanders hidden weapon, that is of course if you know where West-Flanders is to begin with. The 4 characters on stage put out witty and comic lyrics scratching the surfaces of the unpolite and, and if you're familiar with the accent you might even be able to understand some lines and if not, they still have dance inciting banger melodies for you to love them anyway which is one of the reasons why this up and coming band has been slowly but surely finding its way to people’s ears and hearts .

What to expect on stage?

MC Deevie The Kappiting is everything hip-hop is not and yet, everything it needs.


All year round in EU. Contact us for more information about the dates and booking request or

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