NIKANOR are four Peruvian musicians living in Brussels who take the legacy of the Peruvian working class chicha from the 70s-80s to a new urban context. Percussion, bass, two guitars and voice.

 Taking Chicha as a starting point the band rediscovers the ingredients
that made this true fusion of rhythm, colours and melodies possible. 

What to expect on stage?

Peruvian classic chicha & tropicalia



All year round in EU. Contact us for more information about the dates and booking request or

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RUN bookings is proud to announce Nikanor's Debut album Bajo el Sol.

They interpret the Chicha, a unique genre based on Andean melodies mixed with tropical percussions and a rock ensemble. The first Chicha bands appeared in Peru in the mid-1960s and were very popular until the mid-1980s. In recent years, "la Chicha" is experiencing a renaissance, with bands and audiences from around the world ( re) discovering its power and sound.
Taking the great names and bands of the Chicha genre as a reference, Nikanor began in 2016 as a cover band, to play the most notable songs of the genre and make them recognizable in the Belgian scene. Since then, the band has become a group that writes its own music and songs.
Nikanor's music is a mixture of rock, chicha and Andean folk. Songs like "La Bajada del Kuraka", with its Afro-Peruvian rhythms, or "White Condor", with its Quenas, make this album a journey through Peru.

The album was completely composed and recorded in Brussels, considering Marx and Angel's background and his inspiration taken from the colors, landscapes and social struggles of his native Peru.

Check their bandcamp page to get it!